Activist Carol Fennelly Creates Home Behind Prison Walls

Once famous for fighting for DC’s homeless, Fennelly now unites inmate fathers with their children through her organization, Hope House.

Why Children With Parents in Prison Are Especially Burdened

Two reports highlight the psychological effects of mass incarceration that no one is talking about.

Summer with Dad, Behind Bars

Housed in the same prison as Maryland’s worst criminals is a one-week camp for children. It’s a radical approach that its proponents say will help reverse some of the long-reaching effects of incarceration on communities. The Fold’s Gabe Silverman takes us inside.

Prison Summer Camp Lets Kids Reconnect With Dads

According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, one in 28 kids in the U.S. has a parent in prison. For African American kids, the number jumps to one in nine.

For some of them, the end of summer is particularly bittersweet, because it also signals the end of a unique summer camp in North Carolina and Maryland prisons.

Summer Camp Behind Bars

Program Connects Kids, Incarcerated Dads

Kids Coming to Concord Prison – for Summer Camp

This time of year parents across New Hampshire are starting to make family plans for the summer…even… inmates in the New Hampshire Prison system.